Inspired by the children’s favorite lego building activity, the LiteBee Wing is an educational coding drone to bring the thinking of every kid to fly. It provides kids comprehensive ability improvement in science, technology, engineering, programming, match and art through funny games and challenges.

Easy to control

To control the drone with: coding, controller, or mobile

HD camera

Precise hovering and HD camera for capturing the
wonderful time

Extendable playability

Have much fun with peripheral buzzer and light

Swarm flight

To drive dozens of drones fly as a formation by the code

  • Wheelbase


  • Size


  • Weight


  • Flight time


  • Li-Po battery


  • Power

    1020 brushed motor

  • Propeller

    76mm twin blades

  • Charger

    Input:DC5V,Output: DC 8.4V/1.5A

  • Control distance


  • Usage environment

    Indoor (5x5m space)

  • Code sofrware


  • Charging Time

    About 1H

Packing List
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