Drone race

By participating in the drone programming competition and drone flying competition, students stimulate interest in science, improve their practical ability and logical thinking ability; contestants from all over the country compete on the same stage, which is helpful for subsequent growth and learning .

Contest items

UAV programming competition

Hunan Youth Robotics Competition

  • ModelGhost
  • Coverage14 cities and prefectures in Hunan Province,
    354 participating teams, 830 players
  • Ability trainingLogical thinking, programming ability,
    spatial judgment

National Youth Electronic Information Intelligent
Innovation Competition

  • ModelLiteBee wing
  • Coverage138 participating teams, 1797 players
  • Ability trainingTechnological innovation, teamwork,
    problem solving

Zhumadian Youth Robotics Competition

  • ModelLiteBee Wing
  • CoverageMore than 1,100 outstanding players from
    all counties and districts in the city
  • Ability trainingInnovative spirit, practical ability,
    engineering thinking

The 3rd Intelligent Drone Competition in Huaihai
Economic Zone

  • ModelLiteBee wing
  • CoverageMore than 1,200 young people in more than
    100 schools
  • Ability trainingObservation ability, thinking ability, practical

Drone flying competition

International Olympic Youth Intelligent Robot

  • ModelArmor 90
  • Coverage1431 young people across the country
  • Ability trainingTechnological innovation, flight control,
    space judgment

National Youth Education Robot Olympiad

  • ModelArmor 90
  • CoverageMore than 3,000 primary and middle school
    students across the country, more than 230
    people in the flying competition
  • Ability trainingPractical ability, interdisciplinary skills,
    technical application

Science and Technology Festival Drone
Crossing Race

  • ModelArmor 90、Armor WASP
  • CoverageShenzhen Futian District, Shenzhen Longgang
    District, Shenzhen Luohu District, Hubei
    Yichang City, Jiangxi Yichun City
  • Ability trainingTechnological innovation, teamwork,
    practical ability
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